Friday, August 28, 2015

How To "Look Your Age" And Be Cool With It

We all have a touch of vanity, and want to look good (in our culture, that usually means young). So when I have occasion to state my age (pharmacy, senior discount movies, voter registration) I find myself waiting expectantly for the shock, the disbelief and denial. "You? No way! I would've guessed late 40's."

Those surprised responses come less frequently, and I'm adjusting. Mostly now I get a smile and a nod, and perhaps the person will tell me their age in return. So what's that nagging little disappointment in my head? Have I attached so much value to "looking younger" that I get a pang when I appear my given age?

I don't promote lying about your age. But this is funny.

Because we can change nothing but our own selves, I have found new ways to talk to myself about this. Here are seven ways I cope. I'd love to hear yours if this situation has come into your universe.
  • I have seen about twenty-one thousand sunsets. Wow.

  • When I am 70 (if I am so fortunate) I will say, "Damn I was hot at 60."
  • My declining vision is not an all-bad thing.
  • I will start saying I am 75 now, then wait for the reaction.
  • You should see my brain - it's still fabulous and looks like Gisele Bundchen.
We have beautiful brains. Source.
  • Life events that would have knocked me over at 25 are now bearable. I go with the flow, I'm a willow.
  • I am hot at 60, for as much as that matters. Sandy made me write this.

Stay fabulous at any age, and be sassy,

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Throwback Wednesday: How Age Makes You More Attractive

I know, throwbacks are supposed to be on Thursday, but I'm bending the rules. I have a lot of years to throw-back to now  : >

Here's a pic from exactly a year ago, followed by a recent one. You can't over-analyze just two photos, but I  look much more relaxed and happy in August 2015 than I did in 2014 (on my way to work). The smile from this year looks natural and even sassy.

I did love my work, but I was truly ready for a change. Those of you who've retired or changed your work situation, did you feel the same? That the needed change revived you, and relaxed you at the same time.

Businesslike and buttoned-up: Chambray shirt (sim), pencil skirt (sim) and wedge sandals (sim).

Brighter lipstick, relaxed hairstyle, a kimono jacket (sim) and ankle-strap flats (sim).  Chill.

Stay fabulous,

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Monday, August 24, 2015

What's Your Passion?

Finding and pursuing our passions is a mainstay of life happiness. We're not all fortunate enough to find passion in our 9-to-5 jobs, although some of us have had the privilege of getting paid to do what we love. Many find our passions on the side: through hobbies, friends, media, our talents, our community, or our closets.

Passions change throughout our lifetime, of course. I think rollerskating in the driveway was my first passion, and you could not get me out of my metal skates when I was seven years old. I skated so much, I felt like I was still skating when I lay down to sleep.

Do you remember? Source.

I was crazy for disco in the late 70's, and had the wardrobe to show it. While not crafty nor artistic, I did have a time of sewing my own clothing,  and collecting 1940's dresses. I still appreciate all these things, including disco, but I can't say that I have a present-day passion for them.

My modern passions, after my husband and pampered pets, are: 1) volunteering at the cat thrift, and 2) learning to sing. Oh yes, and 3) making my blog more appealing, as inspired by Sylvia of 40+ Style.

Besides the pleasure of working alongside animal-loving friends at the thrift shop, and helping the no-kill shelter stay open, here are some of the scores I've picked up while working there (I do pay for them but less than $5 each):
A drapey Eileen Fisher dress (sim - looks better on): a funky embroidered Diesel shirt (sim)  - I think the back says
"Sky Fighters 1978" but not sure who they are?; super comfortable white Clarks sandals (sim).

My voice lessons are challenging, and I'm embarrassed to say, kind of thrilling. I could carry a tune, but now I am finding power in my voice and an extended range. I also have a smart, talented teacher, and a disgruntled upstairs neighbor.

As for my blog, I will soon transfer Not Dead Yet Style to WordPress, with my own domain. I'll be experimenting with new options for presenting my stuff. I am ever grateful to you for reading it. I may also try out new sponsors. I hope you don't mind, and you never have to click, but in retirement it's lovely to pick up a few extra dollars. I will only promote companies I believe do ethical business, and whose offerings I would use.

Now, I would love to hear what your passions are, whether style-related, home-centered, artistic, blog-ish, or otherwise. In addition to that first cup of coffee, what puts a smile on your face and makes your heart beat faster?

Stay fabulous,

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Color Is Free! Vintage Fashion Advice And A Fab Jacket

I love old style and fashion books. I have a small collection and it's fun to browse through them, to see what's changed and what stays the same. My latest, Clothes Sense by Barbara Weiland and Leslie Wood, wasn't revolutionary. It's got that strong 80's "capsule wardrobe" orientation: just buy two suits and three blouses and you're all set.

But there's always a nugget in a fashion book, that offers a new idea for me. Chapter 8 is about color, heavy emphasis on wearing your "season." These "facts about color" though are timeless and helpful for the modern women:
  • Color is the first thing your eye sees.
  • Color is free with every garment you buy. Buying the best color costs no more than buying a not-so-great one.
With that in mind, I am more colorful today than usual. I've got my basic khaki trousers (similar) and black cotton tank (sim). I tossed on this long fuchsia duster, swapped at the Vancouver Blogger Meetup from Melanie, I think. I was in a Vancouver mood so I added my cool bead necklace designed by Suzanne.

And newly thrifted white sandals (sim) - I am on the fence about them. Here they almost scream out: "I'm an older woman!" But in other wearings, they look cool.

Color is free, so play around with it today. xo

Stay fabulous,

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Seven Style Websites To Try, Even If You're Not A Fashionista

I don't consider myself a fashionista, but I do love fashion. For my daily life-and-style fixes I turn to my list of excellent personal blogs (found on my my sidebar). These are the most satisfying and entertaining reads, as I know many of these fabulous women.

I like to keep pace with what's trending in the Big Fashion Picture, too. I appreciate a site that gives me an international view, or a young person's perspective, or a strictly inside-NYC-style connection. These sites trend toward the corporate, less personal perspective, but they're useful for tracking the rag trade and for blog inspiration. Sometimes the inspiration means getting cranky, (like this article about the "two-purse" trend) but getting cranky can be inspiring too, right?

Here are seven sites I visit regularly for a shot of style:
  • Racked. This site offers versions for several cities, and I read Racked NYC . They cover style as well as beauty, shopping, and upcoming sample sales. Slick and fast-moving, it's a fun spot to light on once a week or so. Recent example: an article about the beauty of wearing the same thing every day.
From the slideshow Denim Through The Decades at

  • The New York Times Style section. Sometimes stuffy and often aimed at the wealthy Manhattan-ite, this site still offers great coverage of the major fashion shows, and of course there is Bill Cunningham.
See the video here, of Bill's latest style observations.
  • WhoWhatWear is an online style and culture magazine geared mostly (surprise!) to younger women. (At 60, I am older then most blog readers anyway, so let's just stipulate to that.) Still, there's great photography.
  • The Guardian has a lively fashion section. I like their regular features, like "How I Get Ready", and "Trends For All Ages." Their posts have a cheeky London flavor. I enjoy articles like: "The Dad Sandal Is The Latest Thing!"
Dad sandals for the win!
  • The Cut is New York Magazine's fashion blog and covers style, beauty, politics, and current events. Example: today's article about women joining the Navy Seals.
  • "The online home of fashion," closely associated with Vogue magazine. In fact, it's changing its name to in a month or so. Extensive coverage of the fashion shows - all of them, all over the world - new designers, style icons, and a smattering of art and culture. I love the slide shows like this funky one: "The Best Street Style From Copenhagen Fashion Week."
Pretty cool style right here at Copenhagen Fashion Week.
  • The Woman's Room. This site is different from the above - a friendly place for style, home decor, travel, food and more. The over-50 woman will feel very comfortable here, and it's where I get blogging inspiration. I love the title, and the trousers, in this post: "Transitional Trouser Lust."

Do you have a favorite style/lifestyle site? Please share, and stay fabulous,

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How To Turn A Free Dress Into A Me-Dress

I scored this classic sheath dress at the Vancouver Blogger Meet-Up, episode 7: The Clothing Swap. It's a crisp linen/cotton blend with great hand; the maker is WE Clothing from the Netherlands - a clue as to the original owner! We all had more-than-fun tearing through the clothing brought by other attendees for sharing. There was a little wine and a lot of "OMG, you need that!"

We had a pile of gorgeous clothes to mix and match. Photo courtesy Sylvia.

You already saw my fabulous swapped zebra sweater, courtesy of Suzanne. Today I went straight-on with my new-to-me sheath dress (similar), adding only a fab necklace painted by Melanie, a turquoise stone bracelet (similar), and my newly-thrifted white leather sandals (sim).

I will tweak this dress - adding a wide belt and shortening the hem - maybe by just hacking it off. Linen makes a wonderful fray. For cooler weather, I'll layer a slim knit sweater underneath. Thank you, wonderful yet anonymous (Greetje?) donor!

I love a classic sheath dress - so timeless.

I'm addicted to all the exposure options on my camera. Don't I look like an International Woman of Mystery?

Stay fabulous,

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

What I Wore: Subtle Print Mixing And My RBF

There's a whole lot of fuss about not-much, with regard to the RBF - "resting bitch face." The New York Times even did a long story about it. And it's a sexist concept:

“When a man looks stern, or serious, or grumpy, it’s simply the default,” said Rachel Simmons, an author and leadership consultant at Smith College. “We don’t inherently judge the moodiness of a male face. But as women, we are almost expected to put on a smile. So if we don’t, it’s deemed ‘bitchy.’ ”

Anna Kendrick and Anna Paquin, via the New York Times.

RBF is an expression a woman makes when she's not smiling for the camera. It no way implies said woman is a "bitch," it just shows a normal face that's not all lit up. So I may or may not be a "bitch" (although I can hold my own), but this here is a face caught right before or after my usual smile. Ain't no thing.

I really like the outfit: a graphic print tee (thrifted, similar) with gathering down the front, and a faint-polka-dot full skirt (thrifted, sim). I like the way the long tee squishes down the top of the skirt and makes it look super low-waisted.

"G" ring by Wendy Brandes, years-old wedge sandals by Kenneth Cole.

This "creative" photo edit is heavy on yellow and makes me look sunnier.  : >

Stay fabulous, and rest your face any way you like,

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