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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Everybody, Everywear: Thrift Edition is Easy as Duck Soup

Why is duck soup easy? Hmmmmmm.

Today's Everybody, Everywear's challenge is simple: showcase a thrifted item from your wardrobe for the Nifty Thrifty Edition. (Hey, it's also Thrifty Thursday at Spunky Chateau, check them out). I estimate about a third of my wardrobe is thrifted/consigned. It's one of my favorite hobbies. I love returning bags of clothes to the thrift store as if to the library, only to fill another bag with goodies. I try to use a discerning eye, and buy only what I love. I'm mostly successful, with an occasional goof to keep me humble.

Today's thrift find is a classic white cotton shirt from American Eagle Outfitters. It's thrifted from Goodwill for a couple of dollars and it's a good wardrobe workhorse. The skirt is by Willi Smith, and it was consigned for about $8. I love the sequins at the waistband, so no belt is needed. This is a nice, easy work outfit for me -- very comfortable, if a bit colorless. I can remix these two pieces, though, with more lively items.

Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters, thrifted, Skirt: Willi Smith, consignment,
Boots: Gianni Bini, Necklaces: eBay and JCPenneys, Bracelets: Target

I am sure we'll see a lot of cool and creative looks over at EBEW. Some super-talented bloggers have mastered the art and science of thrifting!

Are you a thrifter too, or a retail kind of woman?

EBEW: Thrift


  1. You look great. Love the skirt. I wish I could be a thrifter. I;ve done a lot of looking, but I just cannot find anything. Being as it is hard enough to find nice plus size clothes retail, I think that is why it is so hard to find things to thrift. i sure do like to see what everyone else finds!

  2. CUTE! I have a white shirt fetish!! And I have a cute Willi Smith skirt too. I may wear it this week.

    I love to thrift. It's ruined me for shopping. I can't pay retail for anything!

  3. That skirt is FABULOUS....so loving the waistband! I'm definitely a thrifter! Hugs! ~Serene

  4. What a gorgeous skirt! You do have a good eye, Patti!

    I am totally a thrifter - I'm going to go hit my favourite stores this weekend, and I'm already excited.

  5. Well, of course, I'm a thrifter, but actually I think white blouses, good ones, are one of the very hardest items to thrift. Beautiful skirt.

  6. I thought the beads at the waistline were a belt! I love clothing where the accessories are built in!

    ~ Ad

  7. I'm a thrifter wannabe. I am also large. The large woman has a difficult time thrifting. And especially with getting things that are nice. It seems that when we large women get something nice it does not go to a thrift store.

  8. Cute boots too!!!! I live in such a SMALL town, most of thrift stores have old Walmart items, NOT what I would be looking for. LOL

  9. This is a very cute outfit and fits you to a T.
    I'm a big thrifter. I have a lot of fun and the clothes I find are a better quality that what I could find in the store.
    Unique too! And if you knew me you would know that's right up my alley!
    Thrift on!

  10. Your outfit is adorable. I'm a die hard thrifter.
    I find better quality and actually unique items.
    I have a slightly wacky personality so unique is a good fit!

  11. I'm usually a retail kind of woman. I like the sales racks and am good about never buying full price but I have not mastered the art of thrifting like you have! This outfit is such a great staple and I love that it was thrifted! - Katy

  12. Love the skirt! And I agree with Terri -- a nice white blouse is hard to find. Is that an owl necklace?

  13. Kari - yes! that's my owl from eBay. I love it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  14. I love that skirt! So glad you joined the link up!