Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not Dead Yet Role Model: My Boyfriend, Paul McCartney

Some days, a mid-life gal gets a little weary and worn down. Help is on the way. Here is a role model for youthfulness, energy and generally kicking age's ass. This man is 69 years old (well past the need-me and feed-me age of 64). OK, he's one of the world's wealthiest people, but still - he has the passion for music that he had when he was a hungry 20 year old.

Paul McCartney performed in Yankee Stadium about two weeks ago. He sang for two and a half hours straight. Ahhh, wish I had been there. The concert included his first solo performance of this old Beatles song:

Here's a video of the group performing the song, from the 1965 movie Help:

Watching the 1965 video made me ache - in a good, sweet way -  for that time. (Miss you John, miss you George). I was eight years old when The Beatles first performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. I remember jumping around the living room, and my grandmother Lucy saying, "I can't understand the words!"

As I pass through middle life, I hold Paul as one of my models of joyful aging. Keep doing what you love, don't fade away, show some sheer exuberance at still being here.

Who makes you smile with their age-defying energy?


  1. Ah, this brings back my childhood. For a few years, the Beatles dominated popular culture. I remember standing in a line at the movie theater to see Hard Day's Night that went around the block twice! And then again to see Help! And the older girls screamed through the whole thing so you couldn't hear anything. I'll admit, I think most everything Paul's done on his own has paled compared to his collaborations with John Lennon, but you do have to admire his stamina!

  2. Oh, Patti, I recall the very same Ed Sullivan show. My family put down their forks, we were eating dinner, and stood in front of the tv. It was an event I recall untill this very day.

    A couple of years ago I saw Carole King and James Taylor on their Troubador tour and I got an ache in my truly remember how it felt to be 18 and then discover myself in the same, but different body. That concert made me smile in an age-defying way.

  3. Une femme - Yes, I remember the lines for the movies too, and the screaming girls. What an unforgettable phenomenon.

    Terri - How wonderful that you saw James and Carole live. I saw that concert on PBS and it gave me a few lumps in my throat. Like you so elegantly wrote, how can I be the same person who bought the first James Taylor album, over 40 years ago?