Sunday, July 3, 2011

Visible Monday: Holiday Edition!

It's the celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. So Happy Independence Day! U.S. readers, prepare for parades, barbecues and fireworks. And, it's our second Visible Monday, hooray!

I'm enjoying a rather quiet holiday weekend, nursing a sprained rib muscle and being generally lazy. I did dress up a bit to go out with my husband. By dress up, holiday standards, I mean a crisp button-down shirt, my new wide belt and my Owl pendant. Nice high wedges instead of flip-flops, and my Nine West sunnies. I rolled up my capris to knee length, credit to Angie of Fashion Me Blog.

It's a gorgeous day in the garden, chez NotDeadYet Style:

I enjoy feeling visible today. And the garden always makes me feel happy.

Shirt: St. John's Bay, Capri jeans, rolled up: Gloria Vanderbilt, Belt: Express
Owl: eBay, Wedges: Nine West

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Thanks for participating and Happy Monday!


  1. Love the way you rolled your capris. Very stylish!

  2. This is a comfortable and fresh look. It was Serene at the Elegant Bohemian who helped me understand I could wear something other than flats with capris. Your garden is lovely.

  3. I LOVE Angie! You look absolutely wonderful! You remind me of a movie star, but I'm drawing a blank on who. I definitely see some of the girl who did the Charlie commercials back in the 80s. She ended up on Charlie's Angels....cannot remember her name....but when I think of it, I'll let you know....Shelly Hack? that it? Anyway, have a fabulous fourth!!!! Hugs! ~Serene

  4. This visibility crusade is paying off, if these are the results! An inspiring post (and yes, the garden is also a pleasure to see).

  5. Thank you for your comments Patti :)
    You have such a wonderful garden !
    I like your comfortable but classy look, specially how you pulled that collar up - it's all in the details.

  6. Patti, your garden is wonderful! It has been so hot and dry here, your garden looks like an oasis to me.
    I love the way you rolled up your capri jeans. One of the wonderful things about the over 50 blogs is being able to find new ideas on how to wear what we already have. I think that all too often we compare ourselves to others and think we are lacking. It is wonderful to share who we are. Thanks for the visible Monday!

  7. You look gorgeous Patti!! I love the look and your garden. Sorry I did not have my act together today to join you...but I will return!
    Happy Fourth!

  8. You look awesome in this, Patti! I love the rolled up capris.

  9. I'm thrilled to see so many bloggers participating this week! Yay, visible women! And your outfit is beyond cute, Patti. Love it.

  10. High wedges = dressy in my book!