Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Inspiration, of the Over-50 Variety: Anjelica Huston

I really only noticed Anjelica Huston for the first time in Prizzi's Honor, the 1985 movie for which she won the acting Oscar. And oh boy, did I notice her. She had a regal beauty, and her arched eyebrow said a thousand words.

She did a lot of Vogue photo work in the 70's, along with acting (and of course, dating Hollywood rake Jack Nicholson). Her basic look remains unchanged: the raven hair, red lips and those cheekbones. Her style has been classic and elegant for a couple of decades, featuring solid brights and black, all of which work so beautifully with her features and her vibe.

She was recently quoted about the aging process, "I'm shocked every time I look in a mirror or pass a shop window. I had no conception that one got older. You go, 'Oh my God!' Even my birthdays always shock me, but in a positive way. I can't believe that I've spent all these decades on this planet. It's a beautiful thing,"

Brava, Anjelica, for your graceful and non-plastic look at age 60!

From a photo shoot in the 70's. Those eyes!

Menswear, but unmistakable feminine.

Cool, classic, elegant, in simple lines and bright color.

Fabulous in emerald green, as she accepts her Oscar in 1985

Still gorgeous at 60, sticking to classics.

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  1. I also discovered her in the 1980s. She gave me hope that I didn't have to look like Farrah Fawcett to be considered attractive.

  2. She has so much grace and an elegant manner, which add to her natural beauty. I always thought she would be an obvious choice to play the role of a queen.

  3. Every wrinkle is a notch of style and life  lived.
     Nothing worse than women looking like dolls or wrinkle free at 90. Get real, who do you think you are kidding???
    Good post Patty

  4. She is soo beautiful.  I admit I'll always remember her as Morticia Addams, but Morticia was always a big inspiration for me! Lol!

  5. The delightful title of your blog drew me in...I love to see fashion blogs( I do an interior design one myself), so plan to check in and get inspired.
    : ) 
    PS I plan to be a Cat Lady when I decide to go gray,

  6. angelica huston is so gorgeous!  i love her style.


  7. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleDecember 11, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    Your blog is great, Valerie - I love the photo today of the bicycle as bathroom fixture!

  8. Shes gorgeous and what a refreshing way to look at aging :)