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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Day Dress, with Props to Tim Gunn

One of Tim Gunn's Ten Essential Items is the Day Dress. Tim says about this item: " . . . Women are not wearing as many dresses anymore. It was certainly liberating to go from the '50s when women wore dresses every day to wearing more practical pants for gardening, exercising, and so forth. But the dress does not have to be abandoned altogether. They can be very flattering, and there is nothing wrong with "dressing up" for daytime."

I love this idea, and I love Tim Gunn, my best imaginary shopping friend ever. I am not 100% sure what a Day Dress is, in real everyday life. For work-wear, I imagine a simple dress, probably knit, easy to pull on and style. An effortless alternative to trousers for the office.

For example, today I wore this to work (I wore it during the day, so it a Day Dress):

Knit Dress: Kenneth Cole Reaction, Layering tee: Gap, Faux Pearls: Consignment,
Shoes: White Mountain

For off-duty hours, a Day Dress would have more leeway. This season, I think a maxi dress will do nicely, if it has a little bit of cover up-top. Being a stripe-aholic, I like this one:

Knit maxi dress from Nordstroms

I also like this simple dress by Land's End. While not dressy enough for most offices, it looks feminine and cool for hot, humid days:

Cotton Voile Dress from Land's End

I don't love a shirtdress on me, but this casual number probably qualifies for Tim's Day Dress:

GAP Shirtdress

What say you? Would you reach for a Day Dress instead of jeans, shorts or a summer skirt? Do you want to have lunch with Tim and me??

Reminder: Monday July 4th is our Visible Monday group posting for anyone who'd like to participate. The simple guidelines are here. Basically, just post something that makes you feel wonderful/visible, and send me a link to it. I'll post all the pics and links here!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Me?

I just thrifted this skirt, and just in time for the heat wave, I think. It's very cool and airy. A thin white cotton underlayer with a lively print layer on top, and a stretchy waist. Heaven for a hot muggy day.

Actually I have the usual Floridian dilemna: tropics-hot outside and nicey-icy in the office. The backseat of my car has several choices of cover-up, from a denim jacket to an emergency rain slicker. My office holds a couple of nice neutral cardis, in case I forget a top layer.

This white shirt was also a thrift find, by TravelSmith. I looked them up and frankly, their catalog looks a little, um, mature for even middle-aged me. But this shirt -- you actually can wash it in the sink, hang it up, and it is ready to wear in a few hours. No wrinkles! Who doesn't love that on a summer's day?

Shirt: TravelSmith, Skirt: Unknown, thrifted, Belt: Thrifted
Flats: Lauren Ralph Lauren, Owl: eBay

How are you dressing for the two-temperature-zone situation?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cost Per Wear: A Useful Calculation?

I've read lots of articles about using cost-per-wear to determine if a clothing purchase is a good value. The basic idea: even if an item is expensive at purchase time, repeated wearings bring the actual per-wear price down to something quite reasonable. The Budget Fashionista has a nice simple explanation here.  And Serene from the Elegant Bohemian wrote about cost-per-wear today (though she looked gorgeous, she wasn't thrilled with her investment yet).

{For us math-challenged shoppers, here's a fun calculator to speed up the decision making -- the Skinny Cow Cowculator.}

Yippee, I love to analyze! (The opposite of my personal philosphy is probably, "Well, that's the way it is.") So here's my take on cost-per-wear (CPW): The concept is a reasonable one for certain categories of clothing.

A good leather handbag is worth a few dollars IMHO. Handbags are such a personal choice, though, and you can rotate through lots of fun, inexpensive bags in a year for the price of one "good" one.  It's amusing to apply CPW to a super-high-end handbag. Here's a fetching one for a cool $5,450. If I wear it 7 days a week for 5 years, that's only Three Bucks a Day for my handbag! But . . . I know I'll never want to wear the same bag every day for five years, will you?

So Question #1 for you, Do you prefer variety, or one/two higher-end handbags? 

Shoes are a no-brainer for me -- my middle aged feet can't tolerate cheap shoes anymore. And a great-fitting pair results in a very attractive cost-per-wear for me, because I will wear them to the nub, and keep them for years. I'm not talking about Louboutins for my modest life, but a great pair of Kenneth Coles, Calvin Kleins or Indigo by Clarks and my feet/wallet are happy. The math works.

Clark's Sandals - Pretty and Practical
Question #2 - What's the oldest pair of shoes you own and still wear regularly? Mine are probably a pair of Naturalizer peep-toe wedges, about $80, purchased four years ago. They are burgundy, and gosh darn it, they really do go-with-everything.

A couple of cashmere sweaters and a high quality wool coat are the only other items I'd permit myself to spend a bundle on. Cashmere lasts for a long time and keeps its good looks, if washed carefully. A nice coat or jacket will do me for a decade in Florida, and makes any winter outfit look more special.

Calvin Klein wool coat - I don't own it, but I wouldn't mind.

After handbags, shoes/boots and coats, the CPW starts to lose its power for me. For example, I used to think suits should be purchased with the "investment" philosophy. But I never really did get my money's worth out of the wicked expensive ones. The styles changed just enough that I looked dated, or I got tired of the cut/color long before the CPW was reasonably low.

Everyday pieces -- cardigans, shirts, knit tops, skirts, jeans, et al -- I just can't spend too much on these and justify it with a CPW. Consignment and thrift shopping have spoiled me for full, high-retail on these pieces. For example, I'd have to wear this beautiful skirt about 75 times to get it down to a comfortable CPW of $2.50. My lovely floral thrifted skirt gets the job done in one and a half wears.

What's your take on cost-per-wear and Investment Dressing?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visible Monday! Have a Look At Us, Will Ya?

We started writing and thinking about invisibility over the last month or so: for example, here, here and here, and reading external articles like this one, and this scary one (Anne alerted us!).

We decided we didn't care for it. Invisibility, I mean.

So here we are, waving our flags, tossing our manes and tooting our horns. Women of a certain age (the age does not matter), who have been pushed to the sidelines by the mainstream fashion media, are announcing our manifesto: invisible no more.

We have agreed: we're already confident about our varied accomplishments, and we sure don't want to forfeit any of that cool wisdom stuff we've acquired. We just enjoy being appreciated for the physical, aesthetic beings we are, as well as the brainy, thoughtful ones.

Every day, and today in particular, we're putting the spotlight on hot fashion, confident style, and the awesome women of the blogosphere. Ok, I'm not really all those things, but I'll start anyway. Here's my first VM pics:

Striped sweater: Consignment, no tag!, Skirt: Limited, Shoes: Nine West
Pearls: Consignment, Favorite Owl: eBay

I love stripes, just love 'em. I added my chunky faux pearls today, in honor of VM. Mr. Owl is a regular feature who always makes me smile. My high wedges make me walk with with a little more attitude. And now I see my skirt is a bit sheer, oops. More meaning to Visible Monday than I had planned.

Today's Visible Monday Participants! Please go check them out:

Anne from The Frump Factor
Pam from Over50Feeling40
Beryl from My Niece Told Me To Start Blogging
Debbie from Thrifty Girl Vintage

Happy Monday and keep the spotlight on.

Being VM and all, I should have included my head-parts. I am still fighting a cold, and had not done any beautifying. So, I slicked on some gloss and added the head. Visible me, lack-of-hairdo notwithstanding:

A (Literally) Breathtaking Fashion Photo

This photo is of Lisa Fonssagrives, called the world's first supermodel. The photo is at the Eiffel Tower, and it gives me palpitations as I consider her precarious pose. Her exquisite dress, long limbs, billowing skirt -- is she going to take flight?

Image via Oobject.com

Her life was fascinating: she was a top-tier model in the 30's, 40's, and 50's, a classically trained dancer and acclaimed sculptor. She was married to famed photographer Irving Penn. According to an article in the New York Times, she described herself (with tongue in cheek, I hope) as "a good clothes hanger".

Penn photographed his wife, and the Times says of the results: ". . . both the woman and the clothes crackle with wit and sex appeal." I love that in a woman, or man: wit and sex appeal.

Image via Flickr.com

Reminder: Monday June 27th is the first Visible Monday group posting for anyone who'd like to participate. The simple guidelines are here. Basically, just post something that makes you feel wonderful/visible, and send me a link to it. I'll post all the pics and links here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

FBFF: Odd Things About Fashion Bloggers . . .

This week Katy from Modly Chic has given us some provocative questions for Fashion Beauty Friend Friday. Hop over there to see all the participants' replies.

1.      Since you began blogging do you notice a change in the types of
things you gravitate towards while shopping?

I find that I am buying less, and more carefully. I start thinking about how a piece might look up on this screen, for example! My overall look hasn't changed much, but I do try a little harder to look pulled together. Today I chose my olive green wedges instead of black flats, for example, to boost my style a couple percent (I know, I'm completely out of control!)

2.      Do you find, as a fashion blogger, that you dress differently from
your family and friends? Do they comment on that?

I'm a little more fashion-conscious than some of my family members, and I get teased. But one of my sisters actually asked me to help her clean out her closet and recommend new outfits. That made me happy. (Sometimes my sisters beg "Don't write THAT (fashion malfunction) about me in your blog!") I love my sisters.

3.      What’s the weirdest fashion that you secretly like, even if you
aren’t bold enough to wear it?

Peep-toe boots. Like them, won't buy them!

4.      Looking at current trends – what would you like to try but need to
build up the courage to do?

Hmmmmm. I love pixie haircuts but they don't love me (curly, baby-fine hair) so even courage won't get me there. I'll say bright colored jeans for summer.

5.      Toot someone’s horn – what fashion blogger out there inspires you
with her bold fashion choices?

So many! If bold is the emphasis, I have to mention Audi from Fashion for Nerds, and Kasmira from What I Wore 2Day. But there are too many fabulous bloggers I read every day to single out my inspirations - so I'll point to my sidebar for a start. Thank you, talented friends.

Reminder: Monday June 27th is the first Visible Monday group posting for anyone who'd like to participate. The simple guidelines are here. Basically, just post something that makes you feel wonderful/visible, and send me a link to it. I'll post all the pics and links here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loving a Navy Sequined Skirt, Is It So Wrong?

I have nothing profound to say: I just love this Old Navy, navy skirt. It has a net top layer, a swishy underlayer, and sequins! And I wear it to work! Today I added a very soft washed-linen shirt, an off-white belt, and casual studded shoes. Did I mention I love this skirt?

Oh, I left my head out because it had lots of pincurls in it, and was not really ready for blog-time.

Skirt: Old Navy, Shirt: Marin Apparel Co., Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: White Mountain, Magnetic Bracelet: 7-Eleven!

Reminder: Monday June 27th is the first Visible Monday group posting for anyone who'd like to participate. The simple guidelines are here. Basically, just post something that makes you feel wonderful/visible, and send me a link to it. I'll post all the pics and links here.

Do you have a very favorite skirt? Share!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Feel Lousy, But I Look Okay!

I have a rotten cold (is there a "good cold"?). But I hate to miss work, so I put on a cheery floral blouse, my favorite rosy lips, and a brave face. My faux Picasso painting looks over my shoulder, and gives me extra cheer. Hope your day was healthy and happy!

Blouse: Liberty for Target, Skirt: Cabi, Belt: Thrifted,
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction, Bracelets: Target, Earrings: Handmade Gift

A Statement, A Shield, A Seduction . . . ?

Imogen at Inside Out Style has (yet another) enjoyable and informative post up, an interview with image consultant Sarah Brummitt. It's worth a full read and the pictures are delightful. 

One of Sarah's answers especially caught my attention. When asked, "What is the secret to great style?", she said, among other things:

"Knowing what you want your clothes to express about you.  Women dress to make a statement, to provide a shield or to create a seduction.....and I definitely dress to make a statement."

I love to break things down, analyze, categorize and list them. These qualities make me a very good student, and an occasionally annoying life partner. So I jumped all over this statement - are these the three reasons we dress? And if so, WHICH ONE IS ME?

Is this a Seduction or a Statement?  : >
It's easy to discard the "make a seduction" reason. At age 56, and in a happy, long-term marriage, I rarely feel the need to seduce through clothing. A raised eyebrow, a glass of wine, a Bruce Springsteen song . . . well, we are getting off topic.

Clothing of course provides a shield, a physical one to protect us from exposure to the elements and to prying eyes.  Clothes can also blur our uniqueness and identify us as part of a group. Obvious examples are school uniforms, military attire and the head-to-toe coverings required of certain religious groups. Less extreme, but still "shielding" are the uniforms some of us adapt to hide our specialness: the all-black, all-the-time look, or shapeless, baggy clothing that says "Don't look at me."

"Dressing to make a statement" sounds like the go-to, in-between position. That statement can change from day to day, year to year, and according to one's mood. It's very freeing to be able to express ourselves through the variety of clothing available at all price points. (Confession: It gets overwhelming sometimes too, and some days a uniform doesn't sound so bad.)

My clothing statement at the office is pretty straightforward: "you can trust me." I'm a health care provider, and I want to appear approachable and responsible, but not too stuffy/intimidating. I do personalize my look, but I stay within business casual guidelines. My private time attire allows for much more freedom and therefore more challenges . . . what statement do I want to make around town, on dates with my husband, or at a political meeting?

Today my running-around town statement was: "I'm casual but pulled together" (I hope!)
Skirt: Old Navy, Tee: Tahari, Sandals: White Mountain, Bracelets: Target

One of the style books I read had a fun question: How would you finish this sentence - "There goes (your name here), she's so (style quality here)"? For example, "There goes Patti, she's so modern, fun and not-boring".  (Hee!)

I'll write more about this in a future post, as I am ruminating on more style "statements". I'd love to hear from you: Do you dress to seduce, shield, or make a statement? What are the statements your clothing makes about you?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Visible Over 50! And A Gorgeous 60-Something, And Gorgeous Clothes Too

Good Morning!

I'm starting on my pledge to enjoy being more visible today. Here's a look at my new Viola by Anthropologie skirt. Thrifted, for $3.00! It's one size too big for me, so I'll wear it low on my waist. The colors and the shape make me so happy!

Hard to capture the colors in the morning light!

I found a cool link in a Huffington Post article yesterday about "What Do Women Over 50 Want To Wear?" ( A pretty good read overall.) The author refers to an over-60 model, Maye Musk, who has a portfolio here.

Maye Musk, image via nyshowroom503

Wow, what a knockout. No, we can't all have her genes, her fab cheekbones and model frame. But her confidence oozes through, with that huge smile and great bearing. In one photo, she's just wearing jeans and a crisp white shirt. No nineteen year old model has a thing on her. Makes me smile.

Also referenced in that article is Artful Home, a website for crafts and artwork - and artful clothing. I looked through their offerings and, while out of my price range, some were stunningly beautiful. Look and love:

Sonata Linen Jacket
Black Philosophy Shirt
Tulle Kite Jacket
Sleeveless Mesh Dress

And many more, including some awesome scarves. Sigh . . . do you like these too??

Hope your Monday is going swimmingly!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

First (Semi) Official "Visible Monday" Coming Up! And My Coming Out Picture

I'm excited about being More Visible begining June 27th. (Please see this post and Paula's post if you are scratching your head now with confusion). I'm just going to jump in with both feet and try to make it happen. That's one of the most exhilarating parts of having a blog: no wrong answers!

Let's leap into Visible Monday by settting up some very fluid guidelines and how-tos:

  1. Any Monday, whoever wants to can join in by using the word "Visible" or the initials "VM" in their post title. The post can then include any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes us feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
  2. Include a link to Not Dead Yet Style somewhere in your post.
  3. Just email me your photo and the url of your post that day. I'll display your photos and links to your blog. This way we can all share in each other's visible celebrations. Your post will (hopefully) get more circulation and we can inspire each other.

If only two or three of us participate, that's OK! It's not about numbers but about sharing some positive images of grown-up women. About feeling proud of our physical selves as well as our life accomplishments.

I'm posting a photo today, to help get myself motivated. I am shy about showing myself on the web, but so many of you brave and beautiful bloggers have preceded me. What's to fear?

Fuzzy blonde hair, pink lips and big gold earrings=visible today!

I hope a couple of you will join me on Monday, June 27th!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Disposable Clothing

This article in today's New York Times has me contemplating "disposable" clothing. This is truly a recent concept, as even in my lifetime, clothing was viewed as much more an investment than a daily expenditure. Go back a generation, and the tiny closets of the era tell the tale: a couple of "good" outfits and several everyday dresses are all that would fit. New walk-in closets would make a cozy spare bedroom.

The article describes the shopping habits of some young New York women. They dash in and out of the low-price shops like H & M, Forever 21 and Zara and stock up on a "season's worth" of tees, tanks, sandals and maxi dresses. They often view the  clothing as "disposable", as in wear it once and forget it. I have no strong judgment against this, if one can afford it, and recycles -- why not enjoy the novelty and abundance?

I do have two questions though, and would love to hear what you think:
  1. Are these price points really "disposable" for most women? Look at the slide show if you have a chance. Yes, there are very affordable items from Target et al. But is a $50 skirt or $98 sleeveless shirt just a trifle? Or do I sound like an old, grumpy hippie  : > ? If I pay $100 for a shirt (and I might) it's going to work its butt off in my wardrobe, not get forgotten.
  2. Is this an occasional way to add to one's wardrobe, as a filler to the more substantial pieces? I think it can be, and can even turn up some workhorses. I do browse in Zara when I'm in a city, and I like a few of the trendy pieces. I swear by Target's Mossimo tees and love their jewelry -- but again, I don't toss them after a couple of wears. In fact, I'm wearing a cool Target bracelet today that has seen the light of day at least a dozen times already.

So, do you have any reaction to the throw-away clothing phenom? Do you have a price point that's clearly an "investment" versus a frivolous buy? Love to hear from you, and have a happy Thursday.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visible Days?? A Blogging Idea that Needs Your Input!

I wrote about feeling like the Invisible Woman last week, and many of you added very thoughtful comments. Sincere thanks for reading and for your always-appreciated responses. Today, the lovely Paula wrote about Invisibility on her blog Fashion Over Fifty. I think we've tickled a nerve, and more of us have something to say about it.

We women are powerful in our lives through our relationships, work, families, charities, hobbies, and writing. We express ourselves through the media, politics, art, music, crafts, parenting, cooking and much more. We are very visible in the world. We generally have no shortage of self-confidence. But many of us over-40's are wrestling with the inevitable changes to our outer selves. The mainstream media is usually no help, showing us "anti-aging" creams on nineteen year-old models.

We're not ready to fade into the woodwork! I see from the responses to my post, and to Paula's, that we are refusing to become invisible by: wearing color, choosing signature jewelry, letting our natural hair fly free, breaking "rules" willy nilly, and showing our grown-up beauty in countless ways.

I am cooking up an idea, and I need some input from you. What about a Visible Day for us bloggers, in which we post an outfit, accessory, lipstick color, hairstyle, etc., that especially expresses our Joy of Being (Physically) Visible? There are successful templates already for this blogging concept. We have the great Fashion Beauty Friend Friday posts, and the Everybody, Everywear series, among others. These group postings help develop friendships among bloggers and readers, and it is fun to work around a common theme.

Would any of you be interested in doing a Visible Monday (or Tuesday) series, or maybe just one day a month, along similar lines? We could link to each other's posts and trade comments, if we liked, to help promote the gloriously Visible Woman.

Please let me know via the Comments, or send me an email if you think this might be a good (or crappy) idea. How you might tweak it? Should we have prizes? A visible-o-meter? (Kidding!) In any case, let's make it a celebration! Looking forward to hearing from you.

This woman is VISIBLE, okay?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Morning Dreaming . . . About Fashion

Nothing too heavy today. I am enjoying the NY Times online, reading the whole article instead of grabbing a headline on my way out the door. Husband is off surfing (real waves, not the 'net). I'm savoring my 7-Eleven coffee (Blueberry with a splash of French Vanilla) and acknowledging I have a pretty great life.

In that ephemeral vein, I was wondering what I would splurge an extra $300 on today, if I had it. In my fantasy, my charitable giving is taken care of, my kitties don't need flea juice, that roof thing is done, etc, etc. Maybe a friendly poll will help? What would you treat yourself to, if we're just sayin'?

This very cool necklace from Wendy Brandes?

A luxurious spa facial and massage, as inspired by Pam at Over50Feeling40?

A haircut/color/style from Nick Arrojo in NYC? (this will actually set my fantasy back $400+)

A timeless trench coat? - one of those Classics I still don't own.

Or just a fun spree through Banana Republic, Anthropologie or (max effect) Target?

Or something completely different (but fashion or beauty related?) What would you treat yourself to? Have a beautiful Sunday!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Summer Trends

Kate from the fashion blog Modly Chic has inspired us bloggers to write this week about our top five Summer trends. I am not a super-trendy person (understatement alert!). But using "trend" in its most generous definition, I find it easy to come up with some very appealing ideas for summer fashion/beauty. I am keeping my peeps (over 40, Not-Dead-Yet women) in mind:

Breton stripes. I love, love these on tanks and especially on three-quarter sleeve tees. I have two, one from Anthropologie (similar) and one (thrifted) from Ralph Lauren. There's no age-expiration date on this look. They are so fresh looking with denim skirts, white jeans, dark skinnies, even with my knit maxi skirt from Gap. Which leads me to:

Maxi skirts. I was afraid to try them, fearing the most-dreaded "D" word (Dowdy). But I've worn my two knit maxis -- the Gap one, and a similar from Urban Outfitters -- many times already. No worry about having a sleek leg that day, and there are lots of options for a top piece.

Image via TheFrisky.com

Hair with texture. Well, I have to love this, whether or not it's a trend. 'Cause I got it, and it's going to express itself, whatever Vogue is saying. But I do love to see it on other women in the summer, curls and waves and frizz too, taking up more space!

Love this hair! Image via Womensbeautylife.com
Motorcycle jackets. These look like fall to me, especially in Florida, but I keep seeing them in the mags. I wrote about my lust for a cool jacket before, and I might save up for one later this year. I'd also like a pale cotton one, with modified biker style, to balance a summer floral skirt. (Like this, only in cream, white or khaki. Know of one??)

White. It's never NOT in style of course, but I love seeing more of it, in linen maxi skirts and airy blouses. I've purchsed a few new white button downs for summer, and they look great belted over white jeans. Being ghostly pale, I used to worry about white washing me out, but now I like the look.

Doesn't this look so cool? Literally.

Please take a look at the Modly Chic site for more ideas, and please also let me know what you are craving (and not) among this season's trends. Have a great, summery weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Invisible Woman

Common wisdom holds that at a certain age, women no longer garner the attention of men in public. We are still loved by our husbands and partners, and told we are beautiful, but the world at large no longer sees us as noteworthy. I am not agreeing with this wholesale, just reporting what is commonly tossed around in popular literature.

While in the big city last week, I found myself rather invisible. There's nothing bad about my appearance. I look good without looking "hot". I have good posture, crazy curly hair and, most of the time, sport a cool casual outfit. But no one looked at me. I mean "looked" at me, as they used to when I was in my 20's, 30's, even 40's. As a feminist, I am supposed to be happy about this, as I am no longer a sexual object for men to lust after. Hooray, right?

May I confess to a tiny bit of grief for the loss of lust-worthiness? May I still keep my good-feminist card? Is it sheer vain foolishness to miss the double-take, the furtive glance or secret smile? I have good self-esteem, based on my innards. I've accomplished a lot and have a husband who adores me. I have never been model-beautiful (only about 2% of us have, and at what cost?) and I know whatever physical charms we have will inevitably change if we're lucky enough to grow old.

I'm doing some reading (this and this, among others) this week to help adjust my thinking about the Invisible Woman. I am truly happy to be the age I am, to be healthy and productive. I still enjoy gilding the lily too, or I wouldn't be sharing here, and reading so many talented fashion bloggers. Growing up and growing older is not for sissies, indeed. The trade-offs must be accepted and savored.

Image via AllTheSingleGirlfriends.com

Have you ever struggled with feeling invisible? Younger readers, is this something you worry about, or are you more bothered by unwanted attention now?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Scenes from a Love Affair (with NYC)

We're back from our short stay in the Big City. We attended some pretty science-y lectures at the World Science Festival and got smarter. (The New York Times covered a couple of them here). As usual, I was all gaga and melt-y about being in my favorite joint. So let me drag out the projector and tell you all about the trip!

Kidding! Here's just a few snaps of the joyful journey:

View from hotel window! Unfortunate story involving hot tub, see below.

The view was fantastic! Unfortunately the room was as big as, maybe, my bathroom? OK, that's New York. There was a near-constant party happening on the adjacent rooftop, the one with the hot tub. A loud party. Till 5:30 AM. Including some hot sex in the hot tub. We were not invited. We did call our hotel's front desk several times, and our security guy did try to intervene but with no success.

There was a wonderful Adopt Me event in Washington Square Park. Some City and County animal shelters took part and many beautiful animals were brought out for adoption. They all looked very happy to be there and I hope lots of them got good homes that day.

Speaking of the four-legged beasties, we got to see and spoil our favorite Greenwich Village cat. Her name is Mischa, and she lives mostly in a shop on Thompson Street called "The Little Lebowski". (Don't worry, she has a full-time caretaker who also loves her dearly). Yes, the Lebowski sells all things related to the cult classic movie. Mischa is a sweet kitty and loves to get petted all day.

And to the shopping! Here's a pic of my favorite vintage/thrift store in the Village, Monk's on MacDougal Street. As you can see, they are jammed with goodies and you have to have patience to sort through the racks. But there are treasures, and the prices are good. I scored a couple of sweet blouses for under $12 each. Their collection of vintage 70's skirts is fantastic. I'll have more thrifting stories in future posts.

It was a wonderful getaway, and it's always good to be home, to my kitties and other delicious comforts. Oh, and my neighbors may have a hot tub but we haven't caught them yet in any early morning revelries  : >  Any good (?) hotel stories you want to share?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Off to the City of My Dreams!

We're leaving tomorrow for a short trip to New York City. I have such a love affair with that place. I grew up in northern New Jersey, but only ventured across the Hudson with my parents for the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall and the very occasional Broadway show.  My date for my Senior Prom took me to Manhattan and we saw "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying," starring "Bobby" Morse. How shocked I was to see him recently on Mad Men, looking about 80 years old . . . impossible!

Where was I? Oh, now that I'm grown and have a checkbook of my own, we've been visiting there at least twice a year. This trip is for the World Science Festival at NYU. Geeks from around the world meet and discuss heady science topics. Well, OK, darling husband will be doing a wee bit more of that than I will.

NOT shopping here . . .

My agenda includes a few heady lectures and a lot of window shopping, thrifting and vintage hunting. I've mapped out my favorite stores and planned my routes. There will be stops for coffee, cupcakes, an overpriced drink at the Plaza Hotel and maybe a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

As always, I will be slightly light-headed, because when I am in my Dream City, I am truly ageless. Not young again, but not pinned down to any point in time. Just floating through metropolis, feeling like anything is possible.

Some of you are thinking: "I hate that place!" Crowded, smelly, noisy, rude. That's OK, I understand. I love it anyway. Tell me about a city that you love, that leaves you breathless.