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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Inspiration, of the Over-50 Variety: Lauren Hutton

Today's pick was another easy one: Lauren Hutton has been a beauty and style icon for over 40 years. She's the epitome of all-American, golden-girl good looks.

Lauren's style feels like California: natural and carefree, exuberant and fresh. She always looks like herself, with her wonderful wavy hair, huge smile and famous gap between her teeth. (She was asked to cover up the gap early in her career, and did so, but I much prefer her natural smile).

She wears a lot of neutrals and solids, mixed with vibrant colors. She appears to wear a light amount of makeup and she embraces "imperfection" - whether in her gap  smile or her now-lined face. Her face looks like it's had a wonderful, exciting life and she doesn't want to Botox or erase it with lots of surgery.

Here's some fashion advice from Ms. Hutton, from an interview with People magazine in December 2010: “You never want to look like you’ve spent too much time getting dressed,” she says. “It’s better to look as if you’ve just thrown something on rather than prissed everything up. I like when things are slightly off-kilter, asymmetrical and a little messed up.”

And here's a fun interview with her about personal style, via iVillage. Cheers to you, Lauren Hutton - gorgeous, natural and confident at age 68!

An early ad for Ultima. No gap! Love the doggy's face.

Simple, confident beauty without fuss or frills.

I love, love that natural, wavy hair and makeup.

Again, simplicity and elegance with only red lips as an accent. Perfect!

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  1. I love Lauren Hutton and had completely forgotten that she ever covered up the gap. It's one of my favorite things about her!
    I hope that as the popular image of beauty in the media becomes more and more homogeneous and bland, eventually the tides will change and individual differences will become the new mark of beauty. Perfection, defined as the same extended lash, blinding white teeth, and double-Ds teetering on an anorexic frame, has become too easy and boring. Now everyone must celebrate the beauty and natural perfection of how we were made.

  2. Sorry, I got a little soap-boxy there!

  3. I love her care free style and thinks she's gorgeous. I agree that her apparent ability to embrace imperfections is what lets her natural beauty shine through. When women overdo it with the trying to hide or change every single little thing I think it backfires and has the opposite effect. Great choice for style inspiration. 


  4. Lauren is my favorite.She has natural style and a great smile of course.I looke at her and I don't mind getting older.

  5. Lauren Hutton is so gorgeous and i love her style!


  6. She is an absolute stunner and a truly has grown older gracefully without plumping up her lips, and injecting her cheeks like half the hollywood ladies do, so sad:(
    Love that the dog is actually smiling in that first photo, lol. C

  7. Every time is better visit your blog.


  8. I love her face.  I wonder if wearing neutrals has the effect of making one look younger.

  9. I have always loved her and her style!! She looks amazing at any age--truly classy yet her own unique style!Z

  10. Love her -- and that she's still doing red lips!

  11. Lauren Hutton is gorgeous and never fails to inspire.  Thank you for featuring these beautiful photos!

  12. Have always loved her. I'll confess, she made me take a second look at J.Crew.

  13. Oh, my, YES! She is fabulous, and very relaxed. She's so comfortable in her own skin, which is what I'd like to be. Thanks for such a fabulous reminder.

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