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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Urge To Chop

Do you get it sometimes? The urge to chop your hair? And what do you do about it?

My hair is very fine, curly, and on the fuzzy side. There aren't a lot of styles that suit it. I'm not complaining; I really do like curly hair. Yes it's thin, but as my dear Dad used to say "Who wants fat hair?" (he was quite bald) (miss you, Dad).

I am coming upon a whack-it-off period, I can feel it. I know that I can't go too short, as it will look like I have no hair. I also have a long face and strong chin, and cute pixie cuts are not flattering on me.

I am drawn to messy, shaggy cuts that you can scrunch gel into and play with. I don't mind using pin curls, products and diffusers, but I won't have a hairstyle that has to "stay put". It also has to be friendly to Florida's high humidity (i.e., feature lots of curl/wave).

Here are some styles I've pinned to my Pinterest account. I'm not going to do anything yet, just a color and consult at my next appointment with the hair goddess. But maybe for the June appointment . . .

Ah, the super-sultry expression . . .   But I like that she has
fine hair like mine

This would need a little cutting and a lot of styling advice
from Goddess Joy. Maybe a pint of mousse.

The lips and eyes hypnotize me! This is as short as I'd ever
go, and I'd keep it longer on my forehead. But I like the shape.

Any feedback? And any happy or horror stories about cutting your hair? Please share, and have a lovely Friday!


  1. Jean at Dross into GoldApril 19, 2012 at 11:15 PM

    Ah, the hair!  Although I've succumbed to the urge to chop a few times in my life (and really regretted it each time) I absolutely understand the drive to do so!  My favorite of the pictures you are showing is the top one.  I like the shape of the bob. Can't wait to see whatever you decide to do!

    Love, Jean

  2. Well, I've been getting the urge for a trim at most.  I know that many women our age don't/won't have long hair, but it has taken me so long to grow it!

    As for your urge, I really like the first styling.  I remember wanting a similar style for my daughter's wedding last September.  BUT, to get my hair to look like that would have required a perm.  Thus far, I've resisted the urge to put any chemicals in my hair...

  3. I chopped all mine off to pixie short with long fringe/side burns. It's been a freaking process getting it grown back out, but that's any hair-cut. I usually let myself go for whatever hair I'm feeling. I'm a lot happier asking for what I actually want versus going with whatever notion I think "suits me"... if I did that, I'd never have wound up with an asym bob that I love!

    I love all the looks you pulled. I'm in favor of a cut. I think curly often benefits from being chopped a bit to allow for bounce. I think you would look fabulous in any of the lengths you picked.

  4. Well, the hair thing is always a tricky one. I am at the 'cut it off' stage too...although mine is always kept between the chin and shoulders it is probably the longest it has been for a while and I have the URGE! ;) I think you are smart to keep in mind your hairs texture and time/product you are willing to use along with the humidity! It won't help to spend a ton of time doing you hair to go out and have it get all curly again! HA. I like all your pictures!

  5. This post is so timely - I too am contemplating chopping it all off.  I tend to go back and forth between short or super short and then growing it out to past the shoulder blades. 

    As for the 3 styles, I think the top one would look nice on you. It would give you those longer bangs, and I think would add some width or fullness.  It looks to have some sideways movement too.

  6. I wore my hair at shoulder-length for a few years, more from over-enthusiastic stylists than any decision on my part. One day I saw a photo of me with the short hair and was actually disgusted. My face and neck just do not bear that much exposure. Long hair from now on!

  7. I like all the looks but the last one most; it would really flatter your beautiful neck line. My hair is pretty short already so when I get the urge to cut, there's not much there to play with! Colour is my only option for mixing things up right now. I look forward to seeing which style you decide on.

  8. I have had such horrendous experiences that I could write a novel...once the bangs became so short from the length of the hair that I had to make the bangs my new look abandoning the length completely...you don't look bad at all.

  9. My whole life has been one endless hair war! It's extremely fine, sparse and curly. I have come home from the hairdresser crying so many times as hardly anyone are able to cut it properly. Finally this autumn I found my current hairdresser. She's very expensive - but worth every penny/cent. The top picture is my favorite, it's also the one closest to my current hairstyle!

  10. Pam@Over50feeling40April 20, 2012 at 6:44 AM

    Patti, of course you have to go with what makes you feel your absolute best...but these styles are so fashion forward and I think any of them...especially the first one, would look amazing on you!  When I finally chopped and colored my hair, it unleashed something in me that is hard to describe!  It was a new vibrancy and life that I sought after 50.  It is a great remedy for many things.  But, I also have to say that your hair as is, is gorgeous...so you win either way!!

  11. We must be on the same schedule because I'm ready for a change too. I'm thinking of bangs. I got them before years back but I had trouble getting them to lay flat. The kept popping up and looking funny so I ended up wearing them pinned up until they grew out. But I'm thinking of trying again. Any tips on training them down?

  12. I think any of those styles would look darling on you!!
    I have baby fine in texture and thick in quantity hair (LOL) It's not quite straight, not allover curly or wavy and I have cowlicks!!! It's also oily so I have to wash it everyday. (I also sweat like a pig at nite so talk abnout morning bedhead!)
    I tried to let it grow out to shoulder length a few years ago. What a disater!! did I mention I am also styling product and appliance challenged??? I'ce found shorter but not pixie short works the best.

  13. I get this urge all the time. I'm always noticing those makeovers in which a shorter cut makes a woman look so much more vibrant.  I adore curly bobs, too (but my hair isn't suited to that because I have two straightish spots directly over each ear. If cut too short, they just sit there and poof!)

    I'm sure a good stylist can determine what your hair will or won't do. I like all the stylish cuts you found! I look forward to seeing your results.

  14. I keep my hair short and have it cut for hats, so I'm always having mine chopped.  I'm eager to see what you decide to do with your locks.  I think curly is good, so all of the options above are beautiful.  

  15. I like the first two.  I too have fuzzy curly hair....I chopped off 3 inches recently and now regret it for wearing curly because my length draws up too much.  But it sure feels healthier and fresh again.  Baby steps....no more than 2 inches a week....I cut 2 myself and then realized I did a terrible job and had her cut another inch off...teeheehee!