Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fab Slide Show: Grace Kelly Through The Years

Oh man, she was a beauty. From babyhood through full maturity, Grace Kelly had an other-wordly elegance. I really enjoyed this retrospective and wanted to share it with you. Click here:

In this slide she is rocking some amazing black lace capri pants and a ruffled shirt, as effortlessly as if it were jeans and a tee:

She transforms the safari look into a chic ensemble

The LBD. Just drop earrings. Sigh.

Age 47, refined and lovely in soft prints.

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  1. I'm not as taken with Grace as I am with her daughter Caroline and her daughter Charlotte. They're elegant in a subdued way.

  2. Grace and Liz Taylor.  Two of the most beautiful women ever.

  3. That black sweetheart neckline dress is stunning.  And I like the cheeky cropped trousers and prim frilled shirt in the first pic!

  4. That was really fun. Thank you for that. I actually saw Grace in person in the late 70's. She was so beautiful and elegant. Definitely "her serene highness"!

  5. Oh Patti! She just never stopped being spectacular! The lace capris are the living end! And that LBD shot......ART! Hugs gorgeous! Serene

  6. Grace Kelly is one of my style icons. Her voice was as intriguing as she was. I can't help but wonder what it was like for her working with Hitchcock. I saw a docudrama about him with Tippi Hedren in which Hitchcock came off as such an almighty lecher. I wonder how Ms Kelly dealt with that? With grace and aplomb I suppose. 

  7. oh, what a wonderful woman, pure natural elegance from tip to toe. thank you for sharing the pics, dear patti! 

  8. She was a stunningly beautiful woman with a name very befitting of her lovely elegance.

  9. She is the epitome of elegance in my book. Her name is SO perfect for how she carries herself and her style.  She is one of my all time favorite style icon. 

  10. I just turned 47 so it was a treat to see grace at my age!

  11. Quite agree with you. :
    Grace Kelly's bridal gown is timeless, too.

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  12.  oh grace, so elegant and cool
    i would love to have every outfit she ever wore in every Hitchcock movie she was ever in!

  13. Grace Kelly was born to be a princess...
    Thanks for sharing this fabulous retrospective, Patti :-) Each photo is a delight.
    Anne (Playing wirh Scarves)