Friday, February 28, 2014

What I Wore: Lace And A Guitar Hat And A Goofy Grin

I really like wearing this lace tee - I bought it at a thrift store in St. Petersburg. It's just the right amount of feminine for a work outfit. I last wore it on the blog here, with a bright camisole underneath. This time I wore my wide-legged trousers from Soft Surroundings.

The guitar is still growing out of my head. Short term goal: find additional sites for pictures! And also: work on smiling like a normal person.

Yellow bangle from Target and dance shoes from Goodwill.

With a different camisole, trousers, and jewelry. And a normal face.

Visible Monday is on its "off" week this week, so we can recharge and refresh, or stay up all night carousing like monkeys. ☺  We'll be back on Monday, March 10th (actually, the Sunday evening before)!

Have a great weekend, and stay fabulous,


  1. There is nothing wrong with your smile! Nothing wrong with those outfits, either, but I think you need to have those Docs for the second one. :p

  2. Too funny, that guitar! I used to take photos in front of what I thought was a really nice view of my backyard until my IT guy at work commented that it looked like I was wearing a palm tree for a hat. (Right here: You're guitar is the model of inconspicuousness compared to my tree, no? And regardless of what you say, I think your smile is gorgeous - cheeky without being a smirk and warm without being smarmy. ;p

  3. Patti, I love the layering here, and your Mona Lisa smile. I've given up on smiley pictures, so now I just gaze off into the distance like I'm thinking deep thoughts. ;-)

  4. You have a gorgeous smile! Like Une femme, smiling for photos is not something I have mastered, even after all this time blogging. I go for mean and moody. (Perhaps I am?!)
    Anyway, you look lovely in your lacey top, it works well over the flowy pants, though I really love it over the bright blue camisole for extra oomph!
    Have a lovely weekend, Patti! xxx

  5. Your smile is lovely hun, don't be silly. Very pretty top, I can totally understand why you love it.

    X x

  6. That guitar hat is fab! I know what you mean, I find it so hard to smile normally for a photo, my lip freezes and i look a bit demented (not that you do!) Love the flash of blue under that lace vest! x

  7. suzanne robertsonMarch 1, 2014 at 7:44 AM

    I think you look great! I'm always intrigued by what ladies find at Goodwill. I've got to be more adventurous.

  8. Pam@over50feeling40March 1, 2014 at 9:35 AM

    I cannot believe you dislike your is by far your best accessory!! These looks are fun...I am in search of a lace tank I can wear under summer jackets and cardis. Haven't found the right one yet! Enjoy your week off from the rest of us crazy gals!

  9. I love your smile. You always look like you're hiding the best secret : )

    What is it? You can share it with me. Really…I promise not to tell anyone ; )


  10. What a wonderful lacy tee and two wonderful looks - interesting how the different trouser shape changes the feel of a garment. I didn't notice the guitar till you pointed it out - it's always your wonderful smile I see first.

  11. Sheila (of Ephemera)March 1, 2014 at 8:04 PM

    I love that lacey tee, Patti, and you have a beautiful smile, so stop worrying about it. I'm a grinner and I prefer seeing people's real expressions (even if they aren't perfect) than no expression at all.

  12. Patti, how adorable is the sheer floral top? I love that you can wear any color under it to give it a pop of color. Take it off and send it my ways hehe :-)


  13. Aww I love your first smile. It's like you're about to start giggling at something behind the camera. <3 You're so gorgeous Patti! It's like beauty comes radiating from you naturally.